Pet-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas: A Pet-Friendly Oasis in the Heart of the City

Downtown Las Vegas, often overshadowed by the glitz of the Strip, holds its own unique charm and vibrant energy. It’s a place where history meets modern entertainment, where neon lights blend with art districts, and where your furry friend is welcomed with open arms. 

At PetFriendlyHotelLocator, we recognize the allure of Downtown and its surrounding areas. 

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the finest pet-friendly hotels in and around Downtown Las Vegas, ensuring you and your pet have a comfortable base to explore this dynamic part of the city.

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The English Hotel
Tribute Portfolio Hotel
921 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $650/Night

Up to 2 dogs, max 75 lbs per dog

$75 per night, per dog

Shalimar Hotel 
5 minutes from downtown
1401 Las Vegas Blvd S., Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $85/Night

Up to 2 dogs, max 25 lbs per dog

$30 per night, per dog

Silver Seven Hotel & Casino
East of The Strip
4100 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $65/Night

$35 daily dog fee.
Additional $100 pet deposit

Golden Nuggest Hotel & Casino 
Downtown Las Vegas
129 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $70/Night

max 2 dogs with a combined weight of 50 lbs

$80 per pet, per night

Downtown Grand Hotel
Downtown Las Vegas
3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $90/Night

2 dogs up to 50 lbs each

$50 per pet, per night.
Bowls and a mat are provided.

Westgate Resort & Casino
near Las Vegas Convention Center
3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $130/Night

Max 2 dogs per unit, up to 60 lbs total 

$150 cleaning fee non-refundable
$150 refundable deposite for pet accidentals

Virgin Hotel 
Curio Collection by Hilton
4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $80/Night

Pets stay free with no size or breed restrictions

Extended Stay America
near Convention Center
3045 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $130/Night

2 dogs per room, upto 36″ long & 36″ height

$25 per day, per dog for first 6 days
$10 per day from 7th day

Agoda Hotels
Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $100/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in downtown Las Vegas with Agoda. Tap below to explore the complete list and specials!
 downtown Las Vegas, NV

Rates from $100/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in downtown Las Vegas with Tap below to explore the complete list and specials!

*** Information provided is for general guidance only; always verify details with individual hotels and service providers. 

Discovering Downtown Las Vegas’s Pet-Friendly Gems

When it comes to pet-friendly accommodations, Downtown Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint. The area boasts a range of hotels that cater specifically to pet owners, ensuring that both you and your furry companion feel right at home. Whether you’re drawn to the historic charm of Fremont Street or the contemporary vibe of the Arts District, there’s a pet-friendly hotel waiting for you. 

Staying in Downtown means you’re at the heart of Las Vegas’s rich history, with easy access to iconic landmarks, museums, and entertainment venues. And the best part? Many of these hotels offer special amenities for pets, from cozy bedding to designated play areas. With PetFriendlyHotelLocator, finding the perfect pet-friendly hotel in Downtown Las Vegas has never been easier.

Venturing Beyond the Neon: Pet-Friendly Stays Around Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas, with its iconic Fremont Street Experience and rich history, is a magnet for travelers. But the allure doesn’t stop at its boundaries. The areas surrounding Downtown are brimming with hidden gems, each offering a unique blend of Las Vegas charm and pet-friendly hospitality.

Historic Heartbeat:
Downtown Las Vegas is where the city’s pulse originates. It’s a place where every corner tells a story, from vintage casinos to modern entertainment hubs. Our listings in this area ensure that your pet can be a part of this narrative, experiencing the city’s heartbeat right alongside you.

Quiet Corners Around Downtown:
For those seeking a quieter retreat, the neighborhoods around Downtown offer a respite from the buzz. Here, you’ll find pet-friendly hotels that provide a serene ambiance, yet remain close enough to the action. It’s the perfect balance for travelers wanting the best of both worlds.

Affordability Meets Comfort:
Traveling with a pet doesn’t mean breaking the bank. The areas around Downtown Las Vegas are home to several affordable pet-friendly hotels that don’t skimp on comfort. With PetFriendlyHotelLocator, you can secure accommodations that are easy on the wallet but rich in amenities for both you and your furry companion.

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With PetFriendlyHotelLocator, your journey to and around Downtown Las Vegas becomes more than just a trip; it’s an adventure shared with your loyal pet. From the historic streets of Downtown to the tranquil pockets nearby, we guide you to accommodations that understand the bond between a traveler and their pet. Dive into our curated selections and let Las Vegas unfold in front of you, one pet-friendly hotel at a time.

Unearth the Best of Downtown Las Vegas with Your Furry Companion

Las Vegas is a city of stories, and Downtown is where many of these tales begin. With PetFriendlyHotelLocator, you’re not just booking a stay; you’re embarking on a memorable journey with your pet. A journey that takes you through the historic streets of Downtown, past neon-lit attractions, and into the welcoming doors of pet-friendly accommodations tailored for every traveler’s needs. 

Dive into our handpicked listings, and let the magic of Downtown Las Vegas unfold. Here, every hotel is more than just a place to rest—it’s a chapter in your shared adventure with your beloved four-legged friend.