Pet-Friendly Hotels St. Augustine

Family Fun Meets Pet-Friendly Hospitality in St. Augustine

Welcome to St. Augustine, where family vacations become unforgettable experiences, especially when your furry family members join in.

A Family-Friendly Destination with a Heart for Pets: St. Augustine isn’t just Florida’s historic gem; it’s a haven for families traveling with pets. Here, the streets echo with centuries of history, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere extends to visitors of both the two-legged and four-legged variety.

Accommodations Tailored for Families and Pets: Discover a range of family-friendly hotels in St. Augustine that understand the needs of traveling with pets. From spacious rooms and kid-friendly amenities to special pet services, these hotels ensure that every family member, furry ones included, enjoys their stay.

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Explore and Create Memories Together: Whether it’s a stroll through the historic downtown, a day out at the beach, or exploring the city’s numerous parks and attractions, St. Augustine offers a plethora of activities that are enjoyable for the whole family and pet-friendly too.

St. Augustine is the perfect destination for families seeking a blend of historical exploration, beachside relaxation, and pet-friendly hospitality. With our curated selection of pet-friendly family hotels in St. Augustine, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to make your family getaway both enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Southern Oaks Inn
Historic District
2800 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St Augustine, FL

Rates from $122/Night

up to 2 dogs per room
any size
$25/day per accomodation

The Ponce St. Augustine Hotel
Historic District
1111 N Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $110/Night

up to 2 pets per room
Max weight 30lbs
$30/night per pet

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Historic District
116 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine FL

Rates from $235/Night

up to 2 pets
max weight 50lbs
deposite $75 non refundable 

The Flager Inn
Historic District
2700 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd. St. Augustine

Rates from $200/Night

one pet per room 
$25 fee for dogs under 20lbs
$35 fee for dogs over 20 lbs

Guy Harvey Resort on
St Augustine Beach
860 A1A Beach Blvd, St. Augustine FL
Rates from $125/Night

One pet per room
any size
$50 per day / $100 max per stay

Days Inn by Wyndham
Outlet Mall
2560 Sr 16, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $62/Night

up to 2 dogs
max weight 25lbs
$25 per pet per stay

Red Roof PLUS+
Outlet Mall
2445 State Road 16, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $148/Night

1 Pet per room
max weight 80lbs
No additional charge

Ocean Sand Beach Inn
Vilano Beach
3465 Coastal Highway, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $146/Night

up to 2 pets
any size 
$75 per pet per night

Agoda Hotels
St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $92/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in St. Augustine with Agoda. Tap below to explore the complete list!
 St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $92/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in St. Augustine, FL with Tap below to explore the complete list!

*** Information provided is for general guidance only; always verify details with individual hotels and service providers. 

St. Augustine: A Blend of Historical Charm and Modern Comfort for Families and Pets

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St. Augustine, renowned for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, offers an ideal setting for families traveling with pets.

A Journey Through Time: St. Augustine, as the oldest city in the United States, is steeped in history at every turn. From the ancient Castillo de San Marcos to the charming streets of the historic district, the city is a living museum that fascinates both adults and children alike.

Pet-Friendly Exploration: The city’s historic district, in particular, is a delight to explore with pets. Many of its attractions, including outdoor historical sites and parks, welcome pets, making it easy for the whole family to delve into the past together.

Accommodations with a Personal Touch: In St. Augustine, family and pet-friendly hotels offer more than just a place to stay. They provide a gateway to experiencing the city’s unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. These hotels cater to families and pets with spacious rooms, dedicated play areas for children, and special amenities for pets.

A Haven for Every Family: Whether you’re looking for a cozy bed and breakfast in the heart of the historic district or a luxurious resort with easy beach access, St. Augustine has an array of options. Each hotel prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere for families and their pets, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. 

In St. Augustine, every family, including those with furry members, can find their perfect retreat. The city’s blend of historical intrigue and pet-friendly hospitality makes it an unmatched destination for those looking to create lasting memories.

Seeking the Perfect Family and Pet-Friendly Getaway in St. Augustine?

Embark on a journey where historical exploration and family fun meet pet-friendly hospitality. St. Augustine is not just a destination; it’s an experience that caters to every member of the family, including your beloved pets. Our selection of family and pet-friendly hotels in St. Augustine offers the ideal blend of comfort, convenience, and historic al charm. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of the historic district, the tranquility of the beaches, or the city’s vibrant cultural scene, we have accommodations to suit your family’s needs and preferences. Enter your details below and discover the perfect hotel that promises a memorable and hassle-free stay for both your family and your furry companions in the heart of St. Augustine.