Pet-Friendly Hotels St. Augustine

Discover the Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in St. Augustine Beach: A Haven for Pet Lovers

Welcome to St. Augustine Beach, a picturesque coastal paradise where the sun, sand, and sea create a perfect backdrop for unforgettable vacations with your furry friends.

A Beach Destination with a Heart for Pets: St. Augustine Beach is not just known for its stunning shorelines and vibrant beach life; it’s also renowned for its pet-friendly accommodations. Here, you’ll find a variety of hotels that welcome pets with open arms, ensuring that your four-legged companions enjoy the holiday just as much as you do.

Tailored Comfort for Your Furry Friends: From hotels offering special pet amenities to those with easy beach access, St. Augustine Beach caters to the needs of pet owners. Experience the joy of watching your pet play on the sandy beaches or relax in the comfort of a hotel room designed with pets in mind.

Explore and Relax in Pet-Friendly Luxury: Whether you’re looking for a cozy beachfront hotel or a luxurious resort that accommodates pets, St. Augustine Beach has it all. Enjoy the blend of natural beauty and modern comfort, all while having your beloved pet by your side.

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Embassy Suites by Hilton Resort
St Augustine Beach Oceanfront
300 A1A Beach Blvd, St Augustine Beach, FL

Rates from $400/Night

up to 2 pets per room
max weight 75lbs
(1-4 nights) $75/night | (5+) $125/night 

Hampton Inn
Saint Augustine Beach
430 A-1-A Beach Blvd St. Augustine

Rates from $162/Night

up to 2 pets per room
Max weight 75lbs
$75/night/pet 1-4 nights | $150 5+ nights

Best Western Seaside Inn
St Augustine Beach
541 A1A Beach Blvd St.  Augustine FL

Rates from $119/Night

up to 2 pets
max weight 40lbs
$50 per stay 

Quality Inn & Suites
St. Augustine Beach Area
901 A1A Beach Blvd St. Augustine FL

Rates from $78/Night

Up to 2 pets 
Any Size
$20 per pet per night

Guy Harvey Resort
St. Agustine Beach
860 A1A Blvd. St. Augustine FL

Rates from $134/Night

up to 2 pets
Any Size 
$50 per pet per night

Sea Urchin 39
St Augustine Beach
Surf Crest Village St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $325/Night

up to 2 pets
Any Size
$100 per pet per stay

Ocean Sand Villas
St. Augustine Beach
3465 Coastal Hwy, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $242/Night

5 Pets per villa
Any Size
$75per night per pet

Ocean Sand Beach Inn
Vilano Beach
3465 Coastal Highway, St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $215/Night

up to 2 pets
any size 
$75 per pet per night

Agoda Hotels
St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $92/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in St. Augustine with Agoda. Tap below to explore the complete list!
 St. Augustine, FL

Rates from $92/Night

Discover a variety of pet-friendly accommodations in St. Augustine, FL with Tap below to explore the complete list!

*** Information provided is for general guidance only; always verify details with individual hotels and service providers. 

A Guide to Pet-Friendly Amenities and Services in St. Augustine Beach Hotel

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St. Augustine Beach is the ultimate destination for pet owners seeking a blend of beachside relaxation and pet-friendly hospitality. With a wide range of pet-friendly hotels in St. Augustine Beach, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to make your beach getaway both enjoyable and memorable for you and your pet.

  • Pet-Centric Features for a Comfortable Stay: Discover hotels that go the extra mile with pet-friendly services such as dog-walking areas, pet-sitting services, and special treats. These amenities ensure that your pet’s stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as yours.
  • Convenient Locations for You and Your Pet: Find accommodations strategically located near dog-friendly beaches, parks, and trails. These hotels offer the perfect starting point for exploring St. Augustine Beach’s pet-friendly outdoor activities

Top Picks for Pet-Friendly Hotels in St. Augustine Beach

  • Beachfront Bliss for You and Your Pet: Highlighting top-rated beachfront hotels where pets are more than welcome. These hotels not only offer stunning ocean views but also provide easy access to the beach for fun-filled days with your pet.
  • Luxury and Comfort for Every Pet: Showcasing luxury resorts and boutique hotels that cater to pets with exclusive services. These establishments redefine pet-friendly travel with their high-end amenities and exceptional care for your furry friends.

Making the Most of Your Stay in St. Augustine Beach with Your Pet

  • Pet-Friendly Activities and Attractions: A rundown of local attractions, parks, and activities that are perfect for visitors with pets. From pet-friendly dining options to dog-friendly historical tours, St. Augustine Beach offers a plethora of experiences for you and your pet.
  • Tips for a Hassle-Free Pet-Friendly Vacation: Practical advice for traveling to St. Augustine Beach with pets, including local pet regulations, best times to visit with pets, and how to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for your furry companion.

Your Perfect Pet-Friendly Getaway Awaits in St. Augustine Beach

  • A Destination That Cherishes Your Furry Family Members: St. Augustine Beach stands out as a premier destination for pet lovers. With its array of pet-friendly hotels and activities, it promises a vacation where your pet can be part of every memorable moment.
  • Book Your Ideal Pet-Friendly Hotel Today: Encourage visitors to explore the selection of pet-friendly hotels in St. Augustine Beach on your platform. Highlight the ease of finding and booking the perfect hotel that meets both their needs and those of their pets.